Hector Miller-Bakewell

About me

I am Hector, also known as Hex, and I am a post-doctoral researcher in Graphical Calculi and Quantum Computing. My doctoral work included the creation, alteration, and generalisation of graphical calculi, and the theoretical groundwork for the automated generation of theorems using these calculi. I have also helped develop the software Quantomatic, as well as a website on the ZX calculus, which contains tutorials, demos, and accessibility information. I used to chair the ZX-calculus workshop (now run by Cole Comfort) and I am the admin for the ZX-calculus Discord server.

My academic work extends beyond graphical calculi, including synthesising music with quantum computers, and exploration of trust in human-computer interactions. I also work part time as a senior data scientist for Stonehaven. Despite chronic illness, especially when that illness affected my hands, I am a flautist, pianist, and choral singer.

Research, talks, and publications

In the event that this list lags behind reality you can also check on the arXiv or the publication list on zxcalculus.com.


I have, by now, far too many drawings of hedgehogs (among other things, but mostly hedgehogs), which you can find on my instagram. The reason for the name "sometimes my hands work" is because disability left me without full use of my hands for around five years, and drawing became part of the recovery process from that. It has only strengthened my resolve to try and improve accessibility in academia and work I do.